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We are experienced, capable, and quietly confident. Building each job on the cornerstone of commitment, we carefully join together the vision of our clients and the capabilities of our construction partners. Having worked on both sides, we know how to bridge the two with clear communication and shared goals. We strive to build a foundation of trust with our clients, based on the simple principle of doing what we say we are going to do.



Our trustworthy and aggressive tempo allows us to take on complex projects in demanding geographic markets. With fast-paced timeframes and lean cost models, RJP is equipped, ready, and experienced in moving our talents to wherever necessary. Our flexibility allows us to provide construction management that delivers our clients projects on time and under budget. 


Our expertise in Construction Management and Project Management make us a proven resource when it comes to consultation. Our Partner Model Concept has successfully completed multiple programs and projects from new stores and store rollouts to renovations, small refresh jobs, and ADA projects. It’s in our DNA to understand the challenges that your team faces so we can provide the best experience possible. 


We’re big on keeping our clients in the loop. Our Construction Management Software uses online project management tools to aid in the complete life cycle development of each construction project, giving our customers real time updates on all aspects of their projects.


Additionally, RJP employees are equipped with tablets and industry specific apps that allow for instant project updates. While traditional tools for construction management may lack critical workflow and accountability features, our online collaborative tools improve communication, accountability, and time, ultimately saving you money. 

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Founded in 2003 by Bob and Joy Peppelman, RJP Consulting Group was a result of industry passion and a desire to serve the marketplace. 

Our focus, as it pertains to today, hasn’t changed much. Our passion for the industry remains the same and has only further enabled the RJP community to grow. Whether it’s our employees, clients, vendors, or even families, our community continues to expand and shape the RJP story. 


RJP’s future is as bright as ever. With a future focused on technology and innovation, we’re constantly looking ahead for growth opportunities to better immerse ourselves in the world of construction management and serve our clients.

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