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Business Consultation


We provide full scope project management for every aspect of your job.

RE Development & Build to Suit

By coupling RJP’s almost 20 years of National Construction Management services and founder Bob Peppelman’s 30 years in the development ​industry, RJP is uniquely positioned to deliver BTS services to the restaurant, retail and retail banking industries. Whether you want to develop new corporate or franchise locations RJP will facilitate site selection through proprietary site analytics, drive land-use approvals and deliver the legendary facilities on time and on budget that our partners have become accustomed to for 18+ years!

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Owner's Rep Services

RJP endeavors to become an extension of the owner by adopting the owner’s perspective, priorities and values as they apply to their construction management program.  RJP understands the nature of capital expenditures and return on investment.  We know the importance of meeting budgets and schedules, of fighting for solutions, reducing change orders and rework and getting facilities open and operating on time.  We are required to know and understand the big picture, while delivering the details!

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Construction Management

Our Partner Model Concept has successfully completed multiple programs and projects from new stores and store rollouts to renovations, small refresh jobs, and ADA projects. Our experience spans across all economic sectors. We have developed clean and safe operating procedures to minimize COVID-19 risks across all phases of construction and can help any company design and implement their own clean and safe plan. No matter the project or sector, our capabilities can cover full end to end services including:

Site Surveys | Due Diligence | Entitlements | Land Use & Zoning | Architectural & Engineering Services | Budgeting | Bidding | Construction Management | Punchwalk & Closeout

Pre Construction Services

Preparation is the key to every successful project and RJP understands that better than anyone. RJP has extensive experience and comprehensive processes oriented towards making your project successful from the moment it is green-lighted and as your owner’s representative, we have the drive and assertiveness to get it done. We are prepared to take the project through land use approval, zoning, survey, feasibility, design; any and all steps to assure success.

Program Management

RJP Consulting Group directs multisite programs across all phases of development and construction management. We are experienced in site feasibility analysis, budgeting, staff management, design coordination, entitlements, scheduling, and coordination with all internal departments. RJP Consulting has methodologies and relationships with internal teams, contractors, vendors, consultants, landlords and partners that continuously produce legendary results.

Contract Management

RJP brings the resources and capabilities to ensure your contracts are comprehensive, purposeful and compliant with industry standards. Whether it’s AIA standards or your own templates, we can help you ensure that your construction contracts library is up to date and serving your organization’s interests.

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Consulting Services

RJP can provide industry leading expertise and guidance to help you develop your construction management program by cooperatively developing process and procedures, providing construction management training and lending valuable consultative services to your organization.

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Construction Technology

Point cloud reality scanning, 360 degree virtual tours, drone surveys, 3D and 6D intelligent modeling. Reality modeling reduces the need for site (re)visits, rework and the probability of human error. In short, we leverage the latest technology to deliver higher quality result that are on time and on budget putting your project ahead of the competition.

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